5 things I love about Virginia Olsen's eyeshadow!

3:52 AM

I've been wanting to try Virginia Olsen's eyeshadows ever since but I am too kuripot to splurge on myself so I join promos and I got lucky winning these from the blogger, Couch Wasabi !!!!

Forest, Spring and Midnight Glam 

I so love it, it's too fab for me, knowing that I am just starting my venture in make-ups and being a girl haha, I didn't know how to put these on glamorously. Anyway, that didn't hinder me from liking and enjoying these eyeshadows.

So I've tried it and here are the results:

1. The shadows were so powdery fine It doesn't cake up (even though I am really oily). and is not DUSTY  at the same time, 'di ka mapupuwing!' unless you're really clumsy and accidentally put it in your eye.

2. Even if I  don't have an eye primer, the colors are vivid.

3. It doesn't smell annoying! like any other eyeshadows I've tried, some smell really annoying that it sticks up to my nose then to my head and makes me feel dizzy. But these doesn't do that to me!

4. It's good for sensitive eyes - I have really sensitive eyes that anything that came close with it, my eyes get all red and itchy and gives me that burning sensation.

5. It stays up all day - Like for me, I went to the mall for 5 hours and rode a jeepney for an hour and A half and it rained! then I slept at home and when I woke up, it's still there, it may have lighten up a little but hey IT WAS STILL THERE! 

         here are the swatches
which is perfect for day 'til night look! hihi

disclaimer: this post is not sponsored and written with all my honest opinion

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