Because it's 3am and I stumbled upon a Callalily song, it's time for a throwback!

12:27 PM

Flashback 2006 I was in grade 4 or 5? I was 10 years old lol and I waaaas a big fan of the band, Callalily, and eventually I grew up, maybe 2009 or 2010? the fangirl just disappeared, but still every time I hear their song/s, it still makes me smile and relieve those fond memories.

 The song Stars captivated me and of course Kean, with his chinito eyes,that messy hair,heart rending voice and Alden's awesomeness and being a left handed, and long hair! Tatsi and Aaron guitars that gives me goosebumps and Lem's head banging' drums. Who wouldn't love them!?

favorite album!

I basically had to save up my baon and buy every song hits that features them then I would cut it and put it in a scrapbook (lost it already) I know every song by heart, I stalk them that I know maybe 75% of their lives (yes I was creepy haha) I would stay up late just to watch them in myx even though I know it's a replay, I would vote for Magbalik so it would stay number one in Myx daily top ten, I just do everything for them, but for one thing, I NEVER SAW THEM LIVE. Yes that is right, UNTIL NOW.

There was one chance in Baguio while I was still living there, but i wasn't allowed to go because of the bad weather and I cried for days because that's my chance. But anyway, I did already saw them , not performing, just walking around. 2007 was Aaron and Tatsi in a mall, in separate a occasion.  2014 (after 7 years ) I saw Alden (too bad he's not in the band anymore) I saw him in our school!! with my prof I was shocked that I did not believe it was him so I contacted my prof 2 months later just to confirm haha and yes it was really him and he is a boyfriend of her friend and I finally saw Kean last March because he visited our school too because he was a guest and here's the story, I was just sitting in a corner because busy dealing with my problems, and there's an event happening in one of our theaters then when it finished the artists/guests exit was there right in front of me (i didn't know!!) so yes I saw him walking with the guards and a swarm of girls and I was like "is that ...OH" yes i just sit there, completely stunned. And yes! last Vertical Horizon's concert in Resorts World, I saw Kean and Tatsi again!! hihi (where are you Lem why can't I see you huhu) so the 10 year old me came back and eventually have to release my ninja stalker-ness, me and my friend actually watched them for like 15mins because I was so stunned and overwhelmed with what I am seeing lol haha finally seeing two members of my favorite band together!

yes I took a picture (my first ever picture of them haha)

BUT STILL I NEVER SAW THEM COMPLETE AND LIVE AND SINGING HUHU I AM 18 NOW COME ON. I still wonder what would my reaction be when I hear them live, not a fangirl anymore, but hey who wouldn't sing along with Magbalik - the ultimate emo song of 2006-2007. Admit it, you sang that too didn't you?

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