Farm Girl! a restaurant and hotel review

2:46 PM

Last weekend May 24-25, I decided to finally take a look at our farm in Quezon province. I wan’t expecting to be exhausted just by riding our car, but seriously if you’re going to go south, make sure you’re going to travel at night because the trip would be draining because of the hot weather that will make you feel you’re a siopao being steamed in your car, SLEX and the roads at the different municipalities going south will surely get you stuck in a traffic jam maybe because of long and winding narrow roads?
At Gumaca Quezon, we did a stop over for Lunch at Lolo Ompo’s “kainan sa tabing dagat” ambience was nice, welcoming that you can feel the province vibe, with the nipa hut style of the resto, plus the variety of seafoods from the menu ( we ate beef bulalo, grilled tuna, nilasing na hipon, pork menudo and ampalaya plus brown rice!) that will make you surely enjoy your lunch ala probinsyana! ( oh and look there’s my lolo in the grey jacket! haha)
Next stop: Our 24 hectare farm! yay!
So I wasn’t really expecting that we will cross 2 mossy slippery rivers with several cows and carabaos soaking in it and a bushy kind of dangerous mountain just to get there, we walked for almost an hour under the blazing sun, ( too bad because I forgot to wear sunscreen, so yeah, I got really bad sunburns!)  ImageImage
And look! a carabao beside me! Can I now be considered a farm girl? LOL So when we finally got there, I saw this carabao, and talked to him and he was like “yeah dude sup? I’m just chill in’ here under the tree” and It turns out that he was our carabao so I took a photo beside him and he didn’t mind at all, but after a few minutes, he got up and look down and pointed his horns at me ready to make “suwag” me and he’s like “get the **** out I’m chillin’ here” looks like we’re not friends at all.


And a quite unpleasant experience:

So we decided to just stay at the nearby hotel because at the farm, we have no place to sleep because our caretaker and his family stays at our little nipa hut.
We went to Villa Paraiso Hotel, and unfortunately they told us that hotel suites/normal rooms were all occupied except for a “dorm-type” room, they explained that it has 8 beds and a common CR ,so we thought we should take it, that may be not bad at all. So we waited for about an hour because they said that our room is being fixed so we decided to have our dinner at the Villa Paraiso restaurant, the waitress was kinda rude, she doesn’t smile nor greet, she just takes the orders so our food came after waiting for about 45 minutes (yes it took that long only to find out that the food we ordered were just reheated) and one viand was missing so we asked the waitress and she just replied “di naman kayo umorder nun” and for the recored we ordered that food and it was even the first choice so we just said it was fine, the the rice came, and it looks like “tutong” it was very hard  that came straight from the bottom of the pan, it wasn’t colored brown, but seriously you would know. Even though we had a horrible experience with the very rude waitress, the taste and of the food was really great.
We were called to enter our room. and to our surprise, the room was big and tables, (literally) is the one that supports the bed, so we had it removed, because hello, it looks like someone is going to an operation in the hospital, and now the room looked like this:
oh and look! my bed, beside an unfinished bathroom I guess?ImageImage
this is the ceiling with unknown things still hangingImage
LOOK AT THE COMFORT!!! and guess what!? they charged us 400 per person. Look at my lolo sleeping at the tables because he can’t sleep at the floor because of he is sick. Oh and one more thing, I was really allergic to dust because I have asthma, so I sneezed so bad I asked the attendant if they cleaned the room, he said ” opo at pinunasan din” so I checked the floor and viola !a handful of dirt and dust!! THEY EVEN LIED!
WHY IS THIS EVEN CALLED A HOTEL?! with the rude people and THESE FACILITIES? this is Villa Paraiso’s Facebook:
Don’t even think about staying here. YES THEY HAVE REALLY GOOD FOOD, just dine and enjoy the food. Don’t stay, you might hate it!

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