So much win at BDJ Rendezvous Meet The Dream Chasers!

4:09 PM

Apart from “the talk for the soul” from the Dream Chasers Ms. Jaymie Pizarro, Ms. Roxy Navarro, Ms. Tab Abad and Ms. Kate Alvarez, BDJ gave goodies to die for!! Every hour they raffle winners who would win GCs, pack of Sharpie ( which I was swooning over lol), Wacoal Panties, Skinfood products, Mister Donut, Salvatos Flip-Flops, Zen Zest and Ace Water Spa gift packs, and a lot more.
No one went home with an empty hand, each of us won in the raffle!

Our fab, perky and pretty host was Ms. Karen Bordador, we even had games such as ” How well do you know Manila?” – where a picture will be shown and the contestants will tell the location of the photo  and the “Beauty game”  where questions about make-ups and other beauty regimens are asked.
I thought the freebies are over but no, just about the event finished, we were given a bag full of goodies that I didn’t expect I’d be getting! It’s like 500 pesos or more worth of items!!!!
- Pantene giftpack
-Mister Donut notebook and tumbler (which doesn’t have a photo because my sister took it immediately when I got home!)
- Skin Food products
-Ace Water Spa privilege card
- Goody Hair accessory
- Wacoal Panty ( won in the raffle)

SO MUCH WIN! I’ve learned a lot, I was inspired and I went home like I did shopping!Image

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