The Origin of Hate

11:21 PM

So today at 2am I have come to the idea of my HATE to almost anyone or anything . While I was playing this hateful but addictive game Candy crush, I have come up to where my hate comes from. and I realized it differs to the situation and the person.

Situation 1 ( I think this is the most common kind of hate especially for girls)

Let us put it this way, I am jealous of that person that is why I hate her but I dont actually know that I am jealous, that is why jealously turns into a hate because simply, I cannot admit to myself that I am jealous, the jealously grows that even if the person is not doing anything and is constantly kind to me, I still hate that person because the jealousy tend to overcome anything that I need to see in that person , it hindrances my ability to overlook at things , it makes my mind so shallow that I tend to unsee the main reason why I hate this certain person. All I can see is the negative things about him/her, or turn her positive things to negative by looking for a lapse that make that person not good, that is why hate prevails and stays.

(do I even make sense here?)

like this one .. JEALOUSY because of insecurity that you cannot admit

or because SOMEONE IS BETTER THAN YOU and you can’t simply accept it

anyway, SITUATION 2

that person is a stupid enough to make themselves to be hated by people (maybe you know already what I am talking about here)  I think that there are really people who does things that are socially/morally/ or for what ever reason is unacceptable or just plain stupid, It’s not the people that makes hate, It’s themselves that builds up the hate and hands it over to people.  something that needs this:


Mental Illness depression/bipolar disorder/personality/mood disorders and the likes.  A person with a mental illness can’t help but act that way. They have no control over things, see, depression and bipolar disorder is a chemical imbalance, not a character flaw. Their  mood swings affect the people around him/her that they tend to hate the person and that person knowing that they are hated becomes depressed. and when a person is depressed… anything might happen, even death.

I grew up with people hating on me. Since I was a kid, I am always hated, I just accepted the fact that I am hateful, or I am a bitch. But today, last february 2014, I learned to understand that chemical imbalance affects mood, thus the “bitchness” or depression takes over. And one thing that is sad about it is the person has no control of it, and the people around him her doesn’t understand that fact and just hates that person. Leaving the person scarred and unwanted.

There is always a reason why I hate, why you hate, why everyone tends to hate a certaine someone or something. but i came into a conclusion that there is only one thing why is hate existing because it comes within us, it is always us because we produce it. You make people hate you, sometimes intentionally, but all of the time it is UNINTENTIONALLY, maybe because hate is just inevitable, but hate is a never ending process  - what comes around goes around.

so these are just my opinions, upon trying to understand myself and some people.

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