This is me trying to be a girl ( a make-up look) lol

3:58 PM

I am on a tight budget as much as I want to splurge on make-ups and make my skin look beautiful I can’t! :(
here  I used ever-bilena dip liner , eyebrow liner and Hard Candy “Nobody’s Perfect” six palette concealer:
(photos from google)
I loved the matte and super mega black color of the eyeliner, I just put a really thin line to my eye to make it more natural and alive and appropriate for the day. I used the concealer, the fairest color to put on top of my eyeball,(the brow bone) and just below my eye to serve as a illuminator.  and yes it worked! yay!

and this is how it turned out, I love my eye section, that’s all, I hate my whole face and skin because it is so uneven look at the pimple scars! ( I had pimples since I was 9 years old) and I tried different products to get rid of it, some worked but I didn’t pursue it because they were too expensive )
Off I go!! so this is my “everyday look” haha

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