Vertical Horizon Live in Manila

4:00 PM

 But it’s not so bad you’re only the best I ever had, you don’t want me back, you’re just the best I ever had…
I’ve known Vertical Horizon since my grade school days, because of the song Best I Ever Had, I always hear it in the radio or just anywhere I go and it caught me because of the soothing and dramatic sound of the melody plus the heartfelt lyrics.
For those of you who has no idea: (from wikipedia)
Vertical Horizon is an American alternative rock band formed at Georgetown University in Washington, D.C. in 1991. The band is best known for a string of hits in 1999 and early 2000s, including “You’re a God“, “Everything You Want“, and “Best I Ever Had (Grey Sky Morning)
AND AFTER ALMOST 10 YEARS , I FINALLY SAW THEM LIVE with just a few feet away from me because of the ever generous and kind and sweet and gorgeous sisters from Sister Secrets! :)
I JOINED A CONTEST/PROMO yes yes yes at Sister Secrets’ twitter and all my efforts paid off! I won a pair of tickets at 6:30 pm and I live in Antipolo City I travelled for more than an hour  to get to Ortigas and an hour to Resorts World in Pasay, (we took the jeepney and and few taxi cabs!) so my friend and I got there at 9:30 , I nearly cried and panicked cause’ Im terrified that the concert will be over but luckily somehow, we still managed to get there with still 8 songs left, PHEW! (it was actually my first time to arrive in a concert late because I’m always an early bird like 2-4 hours early haha)
I felt my heart rushing with excitement as I saw them performing right there RIGHT JUST IN FRONT OF ME (it was finally happening!!) they were so close, It was heart warming when Matt talked to us trying to say tagalog words and he even replies “I love you too” to the crowd who screams “I loveeee youuuuu!!!”.

probably my best photo?
probably my best photo?

when Best I Ever Had finally played, I screamed like a little girl and felt my body shaking because I can’t believe I am finally hearing my favorite song LIVE. The crowd started to get wild when the songEverything You Want started playing, everyone was singing along with the band, feeling each moment, enjoying every second in the majestic evening.
I saw how the band enjoyed their concert here in Manila, it was heartfelt, you can literally see and feel their happiness, how they are thankful to have us and they even promised to be back here!
The band was down to earth even though they’ve been in the industry for I think more than 2 decades now, they were funny too! (Matt jokes all the time!) and they so love their fans!!
Here is the epic SETLIST from last night!!
Pictures after the show with my concert buddy Hannah (which I dragged last minute  lol)

It was a spectacular night, and obviously, until now, we still can’t contain the feels.
oh! and I really like the venue! comfy seats that even you’re not in front you can perfectly see the stage, good sound system, accommodating usherettes. :)
stage and light design was simple yet appropriate  though I think it would be better if there were better light effects because it’s a rock concert heeheee but anyway, good work Ovation Productions and Resorts World Manila and VERTICAL HORIZON!!
check the band’s website here:

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