Went to Bloggers United 7 even though it was so out of my league

2:51 PM

“We are giving away P50,000 worth of prizes at#BU7xSunsilk! What are you waiting for? Join our contest to win free passes for tomorrow! #SisterSecretsAtBU7

 who would want free stuffs!? so I joined and woah. I won. haha. I did not actually expected to win a ticket to the blogger united 7 and I DONT EVEN KNOW THAT THERE IS SUCH EVENT because I am not a fashion blogger because basically I don’t know any fashion stuffs, I guess it’s not my thing. So I told my “fashionnate”(I made up a word okay.) haha  (passionate for fashion)  friend Quinn Agpaoa.
I faced a crisis that morning, WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I WEAR?! I will look like her PA if I will not dress good, or at least “appropriately” so I wore this,

my lame OOTD
I thought it was OKAY then I went there and I realized I look like a fat old awkward insecure brown haired cow.
well of course my “fashionate” friend wore something outrageously good. like REAL GOOD that the people there liked her so much that half of the people there admired her and took a picture of her and I was so out of place I just want to disappear haha
THE HELL I KNOW ABOUT FASHION WHY AM I EVEN HERE was all I could ever say that time.
Even though I don’t fit in, I loved the place, it was full of shoes, bags, dresses accessories and one thing that i love is, PROMOS AND GIVEAWAYS AND CONTESTS awwyyyyeaaah finally something that I could actually enjoy.

1st promo:

SUNSILK’s challenges

1st step: WAIT IN LINE of course!
my BEFORE hair, before using SUNSILK
2ND step: Shampoo and Condition using SUNSILK
It felt good.. really

3RD step: BLOW-DRY!

(and occasional talk to the guy who is blow drying my hair which was really awkward )

lovin’ my new brown huuuur

4th step: The Bubble Challenge

which means I have to be inside the bubble (which I doubted because I think I won’t fit haha)


and the 5TH and FINAL step, TAKE A PHOTO in the SUNSILK BOOTH

and upload it in instagram with the hashtag #sunsilkhairkada to have a freebie :)

and VIOLA! as easy as that I got a beautiful manageable fruit scented hair which I really loved! and I got a free sunsilk shampoo YAY!!


My hair loves SUNSILK now


NESCAFE’s #coffeepleasures

It was real easy because all we have to do is take a photo in the both with the 2 gigantic mug of coffee and upload it on instagram
and answer the question “Nescafe gives me #coffeepleasures because______ ” So thought of a very heartfelt unusual answer and I won! haha I actually won a GC worth 1000 pesos from Burgoo and 12 sachets of Nestle coffee.

3RD PROMO Nail It!’s


DSC_0619 DSC_0625
so my nails went from RED to DARK BLUE and I loved it! The lady who took care of my nails was very nice and gentle, Nail It really takes care of their customers.
So I guess I really enjoyed #bu7 because of the FREEBIES hihi my hair turned from dull to fantastic, my nails went from messy red to clean polished blue  and I loved experiencing new environment, with the bloggers and stuff, which the fashion trends, with all these fashionable people . It was a good day indeed! Thank you so much Sister Secrets because without you I won’t be able to experience this, I actually became a girl (even just for once haha) and I super loved it!

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