10 Signs You've Found Your Soul Sister

2:05 AM

My long-time friend for 8 years and I were talking a few days ago and we realized one thing: this is it, we’re not friends, we’re SOUL SISTERS, the possibility of losing our friendship is improbable.

1.You can’t backstab her, because simply there is nothing to say behind her back.

While most of us girls cannot shut our mouths when we are annoyed and hate something/someone even for the little things, and always turn to another person to rant about it, when it comes to her, when you’re annoyed, there is still nothing to say, there’s nothing you can think of.

I am a hypocrite if I’d say I never ever back stabbed, Because I did. But when it comes to her I just cannot think of something to say, it is not that she’s a perfect person, but I guess the reason why I never hated her is because I learned to accept her.

 2. You fight over petty little things, you curse each other, being sarcastic is your everyday language and you know it is never serious. AND YOU NEVER FELT OFFENDED.    

3. You never felt jealous of each other.

Jealousy is the most common kind of hatred among girls,( read my opinions about hate HERE.)  it maybe because the other one is richer or more intelligent or just more popular. But when it comes to her, nothing matters, it is like you fill each others’ weakness so that everything will be equal between the two of you. Instead of bringing the other down because you want to be superior, You lift each other up.

4.  You may have a lot of new friends but still, NOTHING CHANGED. She stay, you stay.  

5. Boys, money, the common causes of break-up, doesn’t apply to you, because you share and give whole-heartedly.

When you have a crush or a thing going on and it turns out that she has a crush at that person too, you just laugh about it, no big deal.

Some friendships broke up because of money problems , “utang”. But when it comes to her, you woudn’t worry because you trust her and you know she’ll pay because,she respects you, or just sometimes, money doesn’t even matter because you love each other just like real sisters. You don’t count things you’ve given to her, you don’t count gifts, you don’t count how many times she made “libre” to you. Because it doesn’t matter, what matters is the relationship, not how much you’ve paid, monetarily or materially.

6.  You know what’s going on even just by the way she types her texts, what more when you see each other?

 There was one time when I faced a big trouble and all of the people around me would talk to me and ask what happened, why I did such thing, but she never uttered a word, she just stayed there, she didn’t held me or anything. She just stayed by my side. That’s how she understands me , how she can see what I needed the most.

It is like our brains are connected to each other.

7. You do each other’s assignments, but you never felt cheated.

While most of us want to excel and be on top despite everything, when it comes to her, it doeant matter, you’d help her and you won’t feel like you gave up something, and instead, you’ll feel accomplished.

8. You may forget to reply to a text, you may cancel bonding times, but still it’s alright, you never felt “rejected”.

We can go on for months without seeing each other, we can go weeks without talking to each other and sometimes when we plan a bonding time, it doesn’t push through, but it was okay, we didn’t fight because of it and in fact it really doesn’t matter, it is not because we don’t value each other but because that’s how we know we won’t lose each other, and the physical presence is nothing as long as you know to yourself what really matters - and that is friendship.

9. Your randomness and weirdness complements hers. You can be both stupid and it feels good.

There was one time (circa 2007) when she texted me with the lyrics of a rap song, randomly, at night, it freaked me out.

There was also one time when she said this to me when I was rambling about something:

it was so weird, I didn't know it is a spongebob song, I wondered if she’s high.

And there was one time when we did not sleep and talked about the universe and aliens all night.  And how frustrated we are about the possibility of being alone in the universe and also the possibility of not being alone too. you know..

10. and lastly. You’re real, there is no pretentions between yourselves. Because simply, there is no need to, because you understand and accept each other just the way they are.

photos from tumblr,deviant art and google

Im gonna post about: signs you need to know when you need to ditch your "so called friend/s" SOON. 


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