BDJ event: Beauty Soiree Shu Uemura Art of Contouring + make-up review

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After the successful Pixy-fied! you can read it  HERE comes 
another Make-up workshop by BDJ : Art of Contouring and Dramatic Eye Make-up Application, last Saturday July 26 2014 at Shu Uemura Boutique in Shangrila Plaza. 

Ms. Dyan Waren-Geiger 

 The teacher in Art of Contouring was Ms. Joyce Platon

Of course to be able to have a good make-up we must first have a clean face, not necessarily a flawless face LOL just a clean, washed, fresh face.

So these are the materials used by Ms. Joyce Platon for the contoured look:

Primer Whitefficient UV under base brightening mousse
Light Bulb Foundation
 Powder: darker shade and lighter shade for Contouring and Highlighting
Eyebrow Mascara
Eyelash mascara

See BELOW for my review.

after the workshop we were asked to try the products and use what we have learned from Ms. joyce Platon

The workshop was successful and informative but I was expecting a 'Kim Kardashian' kind of contouring, like you won't know the person anymore because it seemed like she had a surgery, but then again the contouring workshop was 'healthy' because it looks so natural and you can use it everyday, unlike the kardashian look , I think that's too much for an everyday look and you can use it if you're in a late night party or if you'll be facing the cameras all day.

so I tried all of the products used by Ms. Joyce Platon for her model and this is my aftermath,

my face at 3pm

looks like nothing happened no? but look at my skin! I'm oh-so-flawless haha if you don't know Im actually not 'makinis', because I have big pores and deep acne scars but using:

Shu Uemura's Primer, 
Pro Gel Concealer 

 I achieved this super kinis look! 

and after 5 hours without any retouch and walking in the rain,

my face at 8pm

Overall review of the products used:

Disclaimer: my reviews are based on what I have experienced using the products, some that worked or did not work for me, may or may not work for you. This review is no way sponsored.

It was actually my first time to use Shu Uemura's products and I am just not satisfied but I am delighted.

Primer: Whitefficient UV under base brightening mousse

Basically, the primer is the reason why I had that ultra-glowing look. Their Brightening Mousse is light- feeling though when you put it in your hands/sponge/brush it looks like you've put a thick whipped cream, when you put it in your face it just disappears completely. You just have to be careful when blending it and just put a little amount, take note that it is easier to add than to erase the whole thing!

rating: 5/5

Light Bulb Foundation  and Pro Gel Concealer:

Although I kind of had a hard time looking for the perfect shade of the Foundation and concealer because their shades are too white! Morenas like me will probably  use a darker shade of powder to be able to set the foundation. But it has great coverage and longevity. It hid my big pores and deep acne scars, I actually walked from Shang-rila to Robinson Galleria while raining  and it did not disappear, I have a really oily skin but I only had few oils in my T-Zone area! I got home by 11pm and it was still there, like I just put it an hour ago, so basically that was more than 8 hours without retouching and It still looks perfect.

rating: 4.5/5

- .5 because the shades are too light :( but it was so perfect.


calligraph: ink liquid eyeliner 

I love the eyeliner's brush tip because It can easily swipe through my small eye lids, it's super wet and kind of took a while to dry, but it was long lasting and the effect is great even though i just put a small amount into my eyes it stayed up for more than 8 hours without being erased.



- 1 because it took a while to dry probably a minute and I had to erase and erase because it smudges.
-. 5 because too wet and it's hassle for me because I have mono lids and every time I move it smudges.

Note: it smudges ONLY when wet, but once it dried out it stays there all day without smudges.

Eyelash Mascara

The bristles of the wand gives lashes the volumized but not overpowered lashes. It doesn't make your lashes stick to each another (my most common problem since I have oh so thin lashes) It dries quickly and lasts all day.

rating 5/5


I like the combination of this palette, you can go for a "no make up  but Im awake look" or "I have smoky eyes let's party look" What I love mostly about this products is it easy to apply and it's not dusty, "di nakakapuwing." The colors are vivid and easy to blend.

rating 4.5/5

-.5 because It's long lasting but retouch are need when you have oily skin.

Eyebrow Mascara

Their Eyebrow Mascara is perfect for on the go girls and for girls that are new in the world of make-up. You just dip then swipe across your brows! no more drawing and lining and filling in the blanks! LOL

rating 5/5 I love it okay? it's perfect and stays up all day!


Their blush is just enough to put glow on your face, 2 swipes and you're good to go! Their blush (I think) is okay for any skin color, the model in the workshop has light skin complexion while my friend and I are morena, retouches are needed though! mine lasted for 3 hours.

rating: 5/5


They have a wide range of lipstick! Light and durable and it is scent-free and taste free it feels like you're not wearing anything.

rating 4.5/5

- .5 because I had to put several layers just to achieve the desired color.

( I actually forgot the name of the lipstick I used! sorry)

photos from: Shu Uemura's website and Facebook page

And this is what I got from the event!

a certificate! This is a proof that I know how to contour! muahaha


and a new found friend -Lara. It was nice to be alone sometimes because you get to meet new people and be surprised to know that you share the same passion.

I was supposed to attend the Art of Dramatic Workshop but too bad I'm running errands because I have to fetch something in Rob Galleria :( !

What do you think about my (not-so-obvious) make-up? Have you tried Shu Uemura? 
Let me know by commenting below :)

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  1. Wow with certificate. SAyang I missed this event. I like your makeup by the way. so pretty! :)

  2. Thank you Ms. Genzel! :) Im a big fan of you! saw you last Pixyfied to shy to say hi :(

  3. I like your makeup din, natural lang and you actually looked fresh. :) Have you tried their eyelash curler?

  4. thank you so much :) Haven't tried it yet! I heard it's award winning and perfect for short and thin lashes :) Would try it soon!

  5. Awww. i've always wanted to try out Shu uemura products but i find them so pricey for my taste hahaha! i'm that cheap lol

  6. me too! Im too kuripot too splurge! but the quality is just awesome, :) thanks to this event I get to try those products haha

  7. I also loved the UV base primer so much. Kainis lang kasi 2k?! hahaha dun na lang muna ako sa drugstore brands.. :) You are a familliar face- I saw you behind us sa workshop. :)


  8. Oo nga expensive much pero it's totally worth it ganda ng coverage! I saw you too! saka andun ka din sa Pixyfied right? I always go sa workshops eh :)