BDJ event: Pixy-fied! + make-up tips

8:08 AM

Another successful BDJ event last Saturday, July 12 at The Blackboard by Chef Michel, Podium.
 A make-up workshop using the newest make-up from an imported brand, PIXY cosmetics.

Ms. Liz Lanuzo of Project Vanity giving a quick lecture about Pixy cosmetics

Here are some of their products:

Foundations,Lipsticks, Eyeliner, Powder, Eyeshadows and Blush-ons
that are suitable for Filipina skin, the shades are yellowish that is perfect for medium skin tones.

Quality + Price: Pixy cosmetics are super affordable price ranges (as what I have remembered) 260+ to 600+ pesos. Not bad huh? considering that a lot of cosmetics are emerging from here and there it is hard to find the quality and price combo, but to what I have seen in the workshop, Pixy Cosmetics is a must buy!

Ms. Charm Suerte , a professional make-up artist held a workshop on how to get the Kawaii and Glam look using Pixy Cosmetics.

The Kawaii look is just light make-up that can be used as everyday look, while the Glam look a bolder make-up is perfect for parties or a date-night.

As a newbie make-up venturer, here are some tips I've learned from Ms. Charm:

1. If you put make-up and your face started to get dark or (nangingitim) chances are you are acidic! So you should have a shade lighter than your skin tone.

2. Too dark eye bags remedy: anything orange! If your eye bags are so dark that you can't hide it using a concealer, or even using 5 shades lighter than your skin tone concealer, you must neutralize the color! Put anything orange (eyeshadow,lipstick or blush just not the glittery type) on your concealer and mix it and say hello to your not-so-visible eye bags now!

3. The Chinita Problems: eyeliner smudges! It is a common problem for us chinita to have eyeliner smudges especially if using liquid eyeliners, so the solution? use gel-liners or pencil liners instead, and if you really love liquid liner, buy something that can dry off easily.

4. Brush: Brushes is a must need! Why? Using brush is more hygienic that using sponges, germs or whatever living virus won't live there and using brush while applying foundation can put more beautiful coverage on your face.

5. Too light or too dark eyeshadow: To prevent that problem, put eyeshadow bit by bit , in that way you wouldn't have to erase your whole eye make up if the eyeshadow gets too strong! Remember: It is better to add than to erase the whole thing, a time and effort saver!

wouldn't miss a photo-op!  :D 
She is super kind! Ms. Charm even talked to us personally about how we can improve our make-ups.

 Here are the freebies! From BDJ: uber cute cookie from A Bag of Goodies
 and a pocket mirror and mascara from Pixy! Will post a review soon :) 

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