Make Up review: Pixy's waterproof volumizing MASCARA

3:48 AM

 Because I just got Pixy-fied! made possible by BDJbox ,view post HERE, I got a free Pixy Waterproof Mascara :)

Here is my bare eyes without the mascara

and Tadaaaa! Longer, thicker lashes!


1. Not sticky
2. Dries off easily - in just barely 5 seconds!
3. Long Wearing 
4. Definitely Waterproof - even after I washed my face with a facial wash, it's still there.
5. Gentle - My eyes are sensitive, I always feel a stinging sensation when I use a mascara, but this one is gentle good for sensitive eyes like mine.
6. Not heavy - I've tried a lot of mascara and some of them are just heavy! that it feels like I am wearing falsies.
7. Scent free


1.  Definitely Waterproof ( It was kind of hard to remove )

Hmmmmm and nothing else I guess?

Pixy's Mascara is definitely a must buy :) Perfect for every day look! It looks very natural, however of you want a strong thicker super volumized lashes, this is not for you, you might as well consider using falsies or lash extensions.

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