thoughts about the book - Eleanor and Park (spoiler alert!)

10:20 AM

If Hazel has " An Imperial Affliction" well, I have Eleonor and Park a book that made me feel that I am part of it even though I am decades apart and REALITIES APART. - It left me breathless,hanging, and waiting, waiting for answers.

Just why, WHY would that book end that way!? "Eleanor did not write him a letter, it was just a postcard. Just three words long." and I turned the page and it was the fkcnig ending! I am so sorry for cursing but what the fck man, my mouth is literally hanging and my eyebrows couldn't get back to where it belongs!

What is that three word?

I love you?
I miss you?
I hate you?
Just stop, Park.?
I'm going back.?
How are you?

I LOVE YOU? ( I wish that was I love you)


and what about Eleonor's family? Where are they, what happened to Maisie, Mouse? 
The torn comic books! Did Park still got those back?
Richie! What did he do after that night looking for Eleonor?
to Tina?
and Park!! I just , I couldn't start with Park, there's so many things I wanna ask.

and what does that gym suit look like? I really can't imagine it, ( I know I suck.)

Don't get me wrong, I love the book, I LOVE THE FREAKIN BOOK and it gave me so much feels AND I CANNOT CONTAIN IT ANYMORE! that is why I am screaming! I read it in one sitting, and I seldom do that!

Open ended books, tear me up big time, I'd rather prefer a really tragic ending book , I'd rather let my heart be broken by that. Open ended books gives so much room for creativity, it lets lustrous imagination pave its way to the characters' life.

But damn it! What now!!?? Augustus Waters isn't real! No one can write me an ending! But I guess Rainbow Rowell, my favoooorite author since "Attachments" is nicer than Van Houten right? So I guess I should have that going for me. So I guess I have to meet her???

(photos from google and tumblr)

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