thoughts about the book: Looking For Alaska (no spoilers)

6:04 AM

looking for alaska is full of surprises , I'd say it is like a jigsaw puzzle book, It will make you jump into conclusions. Witty, impeccably written from the first page until the last.

what would you expect from John Green anyway?

I basically know nothing about it, my first impression was "okay a book about a college kid finding love etc" but no that is an understatement, this book is like an iceberg, yes you are able to see and read it ,  but there is so much more than the book itself, more than the characters, more than the words written, Because it will feed your psychological and philosophical ventures in life, will make you hungry for knowledege and thirst for  quest, to answer the what ifs and what nots. and make you realize that sometimes the answers that you are looking for are not literally answers but an understanding of life.

truly, John green won't fail you and will surely give you something more, something that you'll never expect. something that you will not forget.

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