Thoughts about leadership and popularity

6:48 AM

In my generation, popularity is everything. It gets us to where we want to be. 

The popular kids are the pretty ones, the loud intrusive ones and the sport jocks and maybe that is why I was never popular because I am not pretty to the eyes of my generation - I don’t fix myself that much, I don’t wear such make ups or wear the “in” clothes, I have a very low confidence and insecurities because I was bullied. I am not a loud person I am always seen quiet and passive and I am not a jock, I 
am always seen in the corner, studying or chatting with a very small group of friends. 

 In breaking down the qualities I don’t have, I realized that the appearance is a must to earn respect, to gain the trust of people, tidiness shows early onset of competence, not just in school but to the business world too, being literally pretty doesn’t make one automatically popular, but the cleanliness, posture, confidence is what makes the word pretty, because if you have those qualities, you can handle yourself very well, you can present yourself to people single handedly. I have also noticed that leaders in the country are well groomed, and that makes them competent looking, because as human beings, we choose ” what is pleasing to the eye”.  

Being a loud or a talkative person creates ability, especially for a leader that has the job to speak out for his/her followers, it creates “trust” for the people, a trust that “this leader can make something good for us” perspective, because he/she knows how to speak out.
Onbeing a jock, a jock is expected to bring home the bacon, to win, to be a champion, just like in leadership a leader is set to bring the “best” for everyone else.
We live in a world that is too much fed with information through different media channels- namely television, print, radio and etc. I was made to believe by the grown-ups that “popularity is ability” that when a person is popular, he or she can do anything, in growing up, I see that partly yes- partly no. Yes because when one is popular, he/she can do anything through the support of the people, like for example the presidential candidates, those who are rich that has a lot of TV ads or those who had a clan in the government arena are the much favored, the most liked by the mass, basically because they are popular, they can be seen always that persuades people to believe in them, then to vote for them. And partly I believe no, because popularity doesn’t make knowledge innate in you, It doesn’t make intelligence automatically fill your brain, How can a person be able if he/she doesn’t have the knowledge needed for the position? It is like putting your 3 year-old brother/sister in your college, the kid is liked and adored by many, but the kid itself is confused and doesn’t know what he/she is doing in the college but the kid stays because he/she likes the admiration that is being given.

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