thoughts about the movie: Endless Love

11:32 PM

A movie that will leave a hole in your heart, nourish your soul and give you the hope for change. It will make you hungry for love, will leave you hanging yet satisfied, and  wonder  the possibilities of life.  -A must watch for all hopeless romantics. or if you just want a movie marathon with your girlfriends or maybe a chick-flick/cuddle-time with your other half.

When I watch a movie I don't read the synopsis or just anything about the movie, I just watch and be surprised. I honestly picked this movie because of Alex Pettyfer,  I was expecting a plain love story. And if you look at the movie poster you may think that it is Rated 18, but no, it  it is just they are so innocently captivated by love, I've never seen that love (that even though you're just watching you can actually feel the feeling slowly capturing you ,slowly getting into you -putting a smile in your face, butterflies in your tummy) chemistry, sensuality and that "kilig factor since The Notebook starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling.  You'll smile, you'll cry your eyes out, you'll probably get angry at some point and start cursing but it is all worth it.

and this movie has really good soundtrack!

I won't tell any part of the story because I want you to see it for yourself! I don't want to be a spoiler. Enjoy! :)

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