Trichotillomania and some "things"?

12:02 PM

I cringed. I nearly cried. I was shocked because I didn't know that this exists. I stumbled upon a website about Beckie and her pictures for almost 7 years and then I stumbled upon this: A video about Trichotillomania.

I remember when I was young maybe 7 years old?, countless times, I did that, I always pull my hair out and no one knows because it's not that bad I guess? But I just couldn't stop, nothing can stop me. It is probably because of stress because I  noticed that I do that when I am in distress or anxious about something (especially when I am in school). I don't know how it started and I don't know how it stopped. I don't even know how I went through with that, but woaaaah I didn't know that there is actually a name for that and it can be extreme. I probably didn't have Trich, but who knows?

But I noticed that through the years, I did some things to relieve my stress or when Im feeling not okay, 2006-2009 -cutting 2010 up to present - biting nails and constantly cleaning nails, (yes I clean it until it hurts and until I cannot feel I have nails. It os like I am de-clawing myself) Present-constantly scratching my head and sometimes pulling my hair. WHY?

When I visited my psychiatrist months ago, I did not say any of this because I  didn't know that it MAY be serious. Why am I like this? Why did I do those things? Like you know, right now I can't stop but picking my nails.

Ughhhhh should I ask for help?


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