What makes you beautiful?

10:55 AM

"Wait a second, Why, should you care, what they think of you
When you're all alone, by yourself, do you like you? Do you like you?"

I've recently joined a contest that asked " What makes you beautiful?" then I stumbled upon Colbie Caillat's new song, I have come up (again) to a reflection and an unpopular opinion.

Slim, hour-glass shaped flawless body, light skin complexion is an oversimplified image or idea of a beautiful woman,especially here in the Philippines, in beauty pageants, candidates have to diet and in some cases you'll hear that one of the candidates passed out or got sick during the competition because of not eating or wrong dieting to have "that body". Some also undergo different procedures or drinks medicines (may be safe or not) to have flawless skin needed. These women are competing for the title to be the "most beautiful" and I think that it hindrances them to be themselves because they have to be the woman that the masses told them to be. 

But what makes you beautiful?

Is it the hour-glass figure? Mestiza skin complexion?

As a young adult living in a middle class family and constantly dealing with personal, peer and school pressure, I've got no time and no budget to fix myself, to dress with high-end clothes/shoes and to put the trendiest high-quality make-up and I don't have the strong heart and (tummy!) to diet to have that perceived perfect body. 

My transformation story would be being able to tug my hair behind my ear and having the guts to finally ponytail it. Because it almost took me 5 years to do that ,because in my puberty days, I've been bullied because of my skin (pimples/acne and the likes) and I put my hair in my face just to hide the shame that my skin has brought me and finally in my senior year in high school, I slowly learned how to be confident in my skin and to finally tug my hair behind my ear and finally, the guts to ponytail it, to show my whole face to the world without being ashamed of myself. I've been also called a pig back in grade school because you know, I am fat and still fat (until now!) but being fat doesn't make me ugly, it just makes me UNHEALTHY, but what makes me or what makes a person ugly?

... It is the negativity, the wrong and bad attitudes.

being beautiful is HOW I SEE MYSELF , how I am myself, it is not how I should look.

 BEING REAL (having good attitude,pure intentions, not being pretentious and A POSITIVE OUTLOOK IN LIFE) and BEING CONFIDENT IN YOUR OWN LOOK AND BODY is BEAUTIFUL. 

It is how to handle things , how to see the world. Beauty starts within thyself, it is like playing ping-pong , what you throw comes back to you, if you have a good attitude and personality you've got nothing to hide and you are ready to face everything beautifully, truthfully.

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