BDJ Rendezvous : For the strong, independent, creative woman! #BDJUnstoppable

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Here comes another BDJ Rendedezvous! and sadly, the last for this year :( Last August 9 2014 another Belle De Jour Rendezvous was held at SM North Edsa Annex, hosted by the pretty and (very makulit) Janeena Chan! I wish I do look like her (huhu why am I not pretty and tall and adorable) and her personality makes her even prettier.

of course, the event was full of surprises, and has tons of prizes but we should focus on the speakers and their stories, shall we?

Bea Vega,  a surfer who has gained a lot of award already from different competitions, she's a team rider of Roxy Pit and a brand Ambassador of DC. She talked about taking risks, that we girls should never be afraid to do anything, of course being scared is inevitable but still it is only US, ourselves who can do it, who can change for the better. She told us to never listen to negativity because it will only let us down, block it, don't ever let it enter you, stay positive! because being happy is part of staying happy.


Second speaker was ms. Tal De Guzman of Risque Designs  a shoe company that customizes artisan shoes, it's "shoes with stories" they have Filipino designs, Ms. Tal said that when she graduated college she got jobs from different companies, museum and even worked in the office for her dad's business, until she realized that she doesn't want to be employed, so she studied again and she started her own business where she can use what she learned from school and where she can practice her love for art.

shoes from Risque

look at her shoes, see the crocodile? YES that's a crocodile you can now bring a croc to your home and you can now wear it without having to kill them....awesome huh?

Just do what you love, it may take a while to know what is your passion, but guaranteed that it is worth waiting for. 

3rd speaker is Eman De Leon A make-up artist from Revlon Cosmetics and from the voice philippines, he taught us tips about make- up for beginners. We had two models, one chinita and one with prominent eyes.

ohhh wait, picture taking!!! haha lol sorry okay back to lesson,

1. Start with the EYES!  While most make up artist starts with the face, the foundation and concealer, Eman starts with the eye make-up why? to minimize the 'erasures', so if there will be a clean face to start with.
-use a primer and a color corrector (in case you have eye bags, We all have that naman diba lol)
-if you have a bluish/greyish eye bags or spots that needs to be hidden, use an orange corrector
-for redness, like pimples, use a green corrector
-for purple, like veins or bruises, use a green corrector
-tap, tap tap! don't spread concealers,brighteners,primers, just tap it so it will blend thoroughly.

Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Application:

Round Eyes: use the "half moon" technique, use the darkest shade in the outer corner of the eyes.
1st lightest shade: use it all over the eyelids
2nd darker shade: draw <

then BLEND!!!

Eyeliner: Just follow the line :)

Chinita Eyes:  For monolids, you color the eyelids , but, BUT with gradient-like effect. With the darkest shade closest to the lash line then blend upwards.

Eyeliner: Concave shape, make sure it is thick in the middle  to have the round eye effect. To make that small eyes pop!

See the difference? left is the finished product. Just compare and contrast! ms Eds' eyes got bigger, bolder and sexier! So now, you know the trick....

2. Base! - foundations and concealers
-put concealer under and corners of the eyes,side of nose and lips and to pimples and other spots.
-Did you know that concealers can be a substitute for a nude lipstick? yes! 
-if you have a dry skin, use a foundation with a little shimmer, however if you have an oily/normal/combination skin, use a liquid matte foundation

3. After putting foundations and concealers use a Powder to set it in, to be able to make it look more natural.

4. Eyebrows!!  I can actually forget to put a blush on or lipstick.. just not the eyebrows! because it frames the face and good eyebrows make you look younger hihi just be careful in putting, just Fill-in-the-blanks!

5. Lips! - Use a lipliner for your lipstick to last longer, put it all over your lips before putting a lipstick.

Our last speaker is Ms. Jasmine Mendiola  a former fashion editor of a magazine and now a stylist and a make-up artist.

 (I wish I got that right, correct me If I am wrong ha, I take down notes but sometimes I get confused lol)

Ever wondered what's with Kim Kardashian? Taylor Swift? Zooey Dechannel? like, what made them so powerful aside from the talent, wealth, etc? what makes them THEM? Ms. Jasmine said, it is their signature look, It's the make-up for Kim, 'the contoured face', the red lips for Taylor and the bangs for Zooey, without it, they would look ordinary, that makes them, THEM.

Ms. Jasmine shared her venture in styling herself, before, she tend to over accessorize as in her arm is full of bangles and bracelets!, or wear different earrings like the other one is a stud, and the other ear has a feather earring, or have dozens of hats, then time came that she realized who she really is. She said that to have that 'SIGNATURE LOOK' you must be comfortable in your style, it has to fit well, you just have to trust your instincts and ask: "Do I look beautiful wearing  this?" "Does it fit well?" "Am I comfortable?" If yes, then go for it! Because why wear something just because it is "uso" yet you are not comfortable with it?

Remember! It's not with the brand, with the latest fads, it is with you, YOU make yourself beautiful, if you're comfortable and you can say "this is it". You got that look!
For me I'd probably say that it's skirts and dresses, before I always say that I don't have a signature look because I don't really care about fashion, but recently I realized that i am so in love with skirts and dresses and it makes me feel good, and people starts to compliment me, and I ever get tired of wearing those, so I guess that's mine?

So what is  your signature look?

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