EOTD- who says I can't wear green?

1:30 PM

 We were headed to the hospital to visit my sick grandma and to make me look alive and awake and to lessen the sadness they might see in my eyes, I tried something new, why not wear green eyeshadows? and why not make it dark at the same time? it's been a while since I did an EOTD so I tried doing a smoky eye that is 'okay' to wear during day time and for monolid girls like me who find it hard to wear eyeshadow because too little eyes, haha! I did something that is fun, noticeable yet not too overpowering.

I used Virginia Olsen mineral shadows in Forest, Spring and Midnight Glam

1st step: I applied VO's Spring all over the lids
2nd step: VO's Midnight Glam in the corners
3rd step: VO's Forest under my eye or in the lower lash line area
then eyeliner and mascara and viola! Im done! here's the outcome:

As you can see, I did not put anything in my Brow bone area, 
I just put eye make-up in the crease and lids in my eye cause' Im trying to make use of my mono lids! which is again a struggle for some, because eye make-up looks not that noticeable for chinitas, like me. So yeah here's a not so smoky eye EOTD

 Forest, the lightest green shade, is what I used in my under eye/lower lash line, just to make the 'drama' because I'm madrama just like that haha , and to make it 'noticeable' ,

what do you think? Is it 'okay' ?

 Spring, the darker shade, is what I used for my lid area and the darkest, Midnight Glam is for the outer lid, or the corners of my eye

P.S. I love my lashes, thanks to Pixy's volumizing mascara

 and i used a kinda pinkish nude shade of lipstick and a slight brush of blush

What do you think? I just tried experimenting soooooo there. 

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