NAILS: Velvet review

11:47 PM

If you're a nail-aholic you probably stumbled upon one of these weird fad going on right now ( or I guess I'm too late to be reviewing this lol ) It's called VELVET nails. Aside from using nail stickers, nail decals or caviar beads for nail art, why not use a flocking powder ? If you want to feel like you're one of your furry friends why not try having velvet nails?

materials used:

BK Velvet nail powder from I am Polished! (but it's not available now so I used the last one)
and a random ordinary black nail polish used for base

It was so messy. Like seriously, so how did I do it?

1st step: paint nails black (one by one)
2nd step: before the black nail polish dries, dip your nail to the bottle of the velvet powder
3rd step: spread evenly

make sure that your nails won't get wet for about 6 hours so it can dry thoroughly

Here's the result.

Overall review:

Application: Application is not easy and requires a lot of patience because it's not just swiping and viola you're done, no it requires dipping of the nails, spreading evenly,filling in the blanks and not to mention hours of sneezing because it can trigger allergies.

Longevity: It depends. If you're a couch potato who doesn't shower all the time it will probably last for more than a week, but for me, I cook, I fix my things, I clean the house and I take a bath all the time, it lasted about 2 days without the damage, 5 days with a lot of damage - it looks like a fur that's slowly balding.

Velvet nails are hassle. If you're a working girl, this is not for you because everything you'll do can damage the nails. Yes, it sure does look good, unique and playful, especially when you use colorful powders. 

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  1. Hi Kim; I'm Kim! *cool yo* A little off-topic but I'm happy I found another bookworm-blogger, let's fangirl together sometime :)

    Anyway, I haven't explored velvet nails for the same issue of longevity. I mean, just 2 days? Nobody got time to redo their nails that often, right? :)

  2. Hello! my name is just KIM and nothing else haha , I'm a reader of your blog! glad you took time visiting mine :) would love to!! that's why no one can understand my frustrations I write here lol.

    Yes, I basically have to look at my nails every time I finish my chores, but maybe some other velvet/flocking powders has good quality? haven't tried any brand except for that one.

  3. They are so pretty but two days? This is great if you're just going to an event then okay na mag fade siya the next day :D I bought naman yung prang maliliit na grains but I haven't used it yet :D

  4. I totally agree with you! pero it depends pa rin I guess I was just too clumsy. , ohh the caviar :) please do a review if you use it na :)

  5. Omg, ang cute naman nito Kim! I think Landmark has "velvet" powders too. :D