The inescapable #makeuptransformation and some rants

10:57 AM

I am not really drawn into the latest fads especially if it includes a selfie because I hate myself just like that haha apparently, I am a sister, see my blog button, there below on the left? haha I shall abide with their craziness, which I love btw because I am not really a socially confident person and a kikay, so this is a big step for me, you know maybe I should try different things now, go out with my comfort zone.

The sisters did a #MakeUpTransformation, see them  HERE seriously, before you laugh about mine, why don't you visit the link first haha, definitely worth it!

but this is mine...

That is a charcoal by the way, because what is #makeuptransformation without the craziness and a little OA? haha I'm Taylor Momsen I'm gonna rock your world with a charcoal as an eyeliner.

And I'm Emma Stone just because we have the same hair... yeah right I'll keep dreaming haha I really love her, she's just effortlessly funny and beautiful.

I won't post this on my IG though I really want to because it might attract people who wanna make fun of me, it just sucks that Im just you know here, living my life and trying to be happy, then suddenly you'll see people talking about you or making fun of you, how bout' a little respect please?

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