Bobbie's Fruity Smoothie nail polish review

2:25 AM

I recently bought this Bobbie Sweet Speckles in Fruity Smoothie from SM Hypermarket here in Antipolo,  so cute right? and I call it "The Happy Polish". With the orange, neon pink, neon green speckles it will surely make any day  brighter! (It looks delicious too! hihi)

I just think that it is kinda messy to look at cause' when you touch it, the texture is uneven, because of the speckles, nonetheless it is fast drying and easy to put on! -just like a regular polish.

What do you think? so It's been 3 days since, I put it on and so far so good, no  chips!

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  1. So cute! I like this design, and it's nice to know na di siya agad nag chip. Maganda talaga quality ng bobbie :)