Kawaii in Manila 2

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"Finally.. somewhere I truly belong!" - Those were my words upon entering Whitespace, Makati last Sept. 6 for Kawaii in Manila 2. I was so ecstatic that Ms. Kaila Ocampo was eager to give me complimentary tickets because we sisters from sister secrets were going to feature the event on our site.  So watch out sisters! Visit our site: http://www.sistersecrets.com.ph

Anyway, I was really planning to  go there even months before because I find Kawaii culture as something that "speaks" to me, the dresses, outfits, accessories just everything Kawaii makes me happy. I remember back then that I am so in love with Lolita Fashion, the doll like fashion it was my dream to be one but I lack confidence and was too afraid to wear something like those because you know, "people". LOL.

What is Kawaii?

Kawaii is no longer just a word that means cute, pretty and adorable in Japanese, it is now considered a global phenomenon because of its great influence in art, fashion, beauty, food and various products.

A heart warming and tear jerking statements from the sisters at heart –Kaila Ocampo and Anne Kate Pinero talked about how they started Kawaii in Manila and how Kawaii changed their lives, they were once dreamers who fought and succeeded, but now they are the founders of the first Kawaii convention in the Philippines and has inspired a lot of girls and boys  to be who they really are.

They told us to not be afraid to go out of our closets and be who we really are, I was struck. Because I am too afraid to do that! I am too afraid to dress lolita and kawaii because I don't have friends who does, but Kate said that was her problem too but she took the guts to be Kawaii and that's where she met Kaila and the whole Kawaii PH team, and wow look at where they are now, having the first Philippine Kawaii Convention! 

So I guess, I should always follow my heart and not be afraid then. and also, Kate left this quote "If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go with together." 

Kawaii In Manila gave me that feeling that I am not alone in this world! That it is not just me who's awkward, who has child-like personality, who were told not to dress this way because it is not age appropriate, there were a lot of us who embraced the Kawaii culture, I finally, "belong". *sobs

Before I flood my room with tears, let's go on with the rest of the post, shall we?

Face of the day:

Sorry for the poor lighting! it made my face weird haha but I wore really thick eyeliner and mascara to somehow imitate that "doll like eyes" and pink lipstick to revive that youthfulness hihi a little contouring ( kinda looked too orange in this photo, it's actually brown!) and Im good to go!

I went with my high school friend, Arianne It was so nice to finally bond again!

OOTD:  I actually do not like my OOTD but I've got no choice, so yeah, what do you think?
but I love my skirt, so I got that going for me, which is nice.

OOTD spotted:
Just wow! These girls surely have time to fix themselves! There were a lot of eye-catching outfits but my camera lost its battery too early :(
which one's your favorite?

The event was opened with the Kawaii and talented Ms. Reese Lansangan 
P.S. I so love her hair that I actually bought a bleaching powder from the event haha

 Dresses to die for from Whimsycute!! I really wanted to buy one but I've got no budget. too bad. So in Kawaii In Manila 3 be sure to bring a lot of cash because surely there are a lot of goodies to splurge on!

 There was an artwork exhibit too! Featuring kawaii art made by Filipino Japanophiles (Japanese culture enthusiasts)

Posing Posing! with the Ikemen Guy! We have the same height hihi

Heroine Cosmetics was soooo kind to give us a makeover. Glad they were there because the event was tiring and haggard face is inevitable. 

  Look at those thick lashes! I might as well buy their Mascara!

Trinkets from Soon The Moon... Can someone please give this rainbow necklace to me?? So much love for this one!

At the Rainbowholic cafe

A plushie headband!

The character from the movie, Spirited Away , “No Face” was roaming around the venue that brought fangirls and fanboys the feeeeeeels! Wouldn’t miss a photo with No Face!

 I saw him and I was like: "Aaaaaaghhhhhhhhh!!!!!! *points to him Aaaaaaaaaaaaagghhhhhhhh!" glad he did not swallow me alive.

Nyan Cat from Perkee shop! They took my breath away hahahahha kidding but I love them to the moon and back they were dancing awkwardly while roaming around, it was the cutest thing! huhu I want to hug them, but I realized, these are guys, real people... what if I hugged them? It would be so awkward! haha I should find the real Nyan Cat.

My friend, Arianne stood in line for a couple of minutes for these photos, and it was totally worth it! Finally! We are Japanese students! Oh how we wished we won't take these cute uniforms off or just, live in Japan... Thank you LucyPop for the free fitting of the uniforms!

The mini skirt doesn't look mini to me, because my height is mini too, sucks! anyway I still like it.

Favorite photo! hihi

Fujifilm Instax Photo booth

It was a successful event indeed! Though I wish the venue is bigger hihi I promise to be there on Kawaii In Manila 3! Truly, one of the best days of my life. Thank you so much Kawaii PH! How I wish I had pictures with the team, I really want to meet you soon!

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  1. Thanks for your comment on our blog! We got you in the Heroine Cosmetics booth! Love the uniform on you and also love your blog entry! :D

    10taku Street

  2. Super cute mo sis and I love your outfit :) Mahilig din ako sa mga kawaii stuff! ^_^