Styling with Ms. Tricia Gosingtian - #TriciaGxSMMakati

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I was scrolling facebook last Sept.12 when I stumbled upon SM's post, the #TriciaGxSMMakati where 4 lucky girls will get to be personally styled by Ms. Tricia Gosingtian, and to join all we have to do is tweet our OOTDs so my reaction was, oh okay, I might as well try this one, nothing's going to lose. I know I have 90% chance loosing because 1. My ootd is not worth posting because it is sooooo simple, by the way, here it is, haha 

photo taken from Kawaii In Manila 2 you can read about it HERE.

So I stalked the hashtag #TriciaGxSMMakati on twitter and whoaaaa a lot of good OOTDs back there! there were also some fashion bloggers who joined so yeah, I did not expect. 2. I am not really a fan of fashion because I find it complicated haha , when it looks good then it's fine that's just my fashion statement, I don't know about the latest or whatever, I'm just a big fan of dresses and skirts and everything colorful.

And that night, was shocked to see a notification on my phone: " @tgosingtian: See you on Monday .........." OMG. I WON? is this for real? whoa. How? Apparently I was shocked because there were a lot of entries, and there I was chosen. And I get to see Ms. Tricia on Monday, it is seldom that I follow fashion blogs, but OMG I am going to see one of my favorite bloggers!

So fast forward Monday, from almost 2 hour ride from Antipolo to Makati commuting, I successfully and yes very much alive arrived at the venue, at the Maybelline booth, then Sir Dennis of SM and Ms, Tricia is approaching me, I was stunned, I don't know if I should already say hi or what and it ended up Ms. Tricia saying hi to me first, i was too shocked and shy... and starstruck.

I had a make over! Was so glad that Ms. Lovely of Maybelline was sooo kind to me and made a small chit-chat with me while she was doing the makeup. Good job ate! really like what you did it was so simple yet it made my skin smooth and fresh ( cause I don't have that lol)

Met Aniqa, another winner and it was so weird that we instantly got close, she's also from Antipolo City, Communication Arts student and more similarities, It was so weird haha we ended up sharing stories in just probably 2 minutes upon saying hi to each other, no exaggerations.

After the makeover,  Aniqa and Ms. Tricia proceeded at the SM Department store for our "intimate styling" she helped us pick clothes and told us  tips how we can wear them.

It was so fun to talk to her, (Ms. Tricia) no awkwardness, no intimidations, she was so kind and bubbly she was so real. She was like a big ate to me during the styling event, she's not like just "the stylist"even though she's famous and all, she was more than that and I was truly touched. It was an honor to meet her.

I just found the cutest dress I have ever laid my eyes on. OMG so kawaii so shiny agghhh the tutu accent is just so perfect, I asked Ms. Tricia if i could include it in the pile of clothes in our cart and she said yes, they were smiling and laughing at me because I was so excited and happy haha 

Strolled around at the bags and shoes section and Ms. Tricia told me to wear these, Honestly I am not a big fan of pointed heels, I find it creepy that it might stab me haha but then I wore it.. just WOW wow wow is all that I can say, It really looks good on my feet, on me! I look taller, legs look slimmer, it just plain gorgeous! Thank you Ms. Tricia for introducing me to the shoes I despise at first and now I consider a wardrobe must have! I am now in love with pointed shoes, especially this one, too sad it's not included in the freebies. :( I'll buy these soon!

So okay, this is my BEFORE look, plain dress-wearing girl who has a really low self-confidence and too afraid to let her arms show because it is too big. And yes, a girl who is afraid of wearing something different because she's afraid of what would people say. ( My anxieties are killing me!)

and this is the AFTER

It was so hard to pose!!! I am not the model type so I seldom pose for the camera, I find it terrifying to pose because I always think that a lot of people are looking and or the camera would eat me alive haha

Look No. 1

I was shocked once again with how I look, it was so DIFFERENT I never imagined myself wearing a top with a number in it, it was sporty yet chic because of the lace accent. And yes the plaid skirt is just a perfect combination.

I really love the yellow pointed heels too!!! It hurts but it was so worth it! My confidence became higher when I wore those haha

Look no. 2
This is something I can say that it is still me, but, a grown up one, I so love it cause' it kept the dainty look without getting old, the print is so cute! And I can wear this look anywhere and it wouldn't look dull. 

Look no. 3

Sophisticated -  again I was shocked that how can pants would look so sophisticated. I am in awe. Speechless, Ms. Tricia styled me so well that I never thought I could look this good, never in my life I have imagined this.

And I really enjoyed the pose here the "two hands in front while holding the bag" oohhh the model-like feeeeeels! haha

Look no. 4

My oh-so-cute dress doesn't really look when I wear them because of my flabby fat arms!! haha but still I love this dress and I will workout and get my arms toned just to wear this. I just, I am so in love with this dress.

Look no. 5

A colorful sweater on top of my favorite dress! Because of that, I had the idea of Mix and matching my clothes! I have a lot of dresses that I can't wear because it has a spaghetti strap, now I know how to wear them, top it off with a cute long-sleeved top!

group photo with the winners! Yen, Mika, Aniqa and me!
Everyone was nice I was so happy to get to know them.

It was a once in a lifetime event, I consider myself not just lucky but blessed to meet them, I get to talk and know to other people, hang-out with them, to be styled by Ms. Tricia. Last Monday was surreal, I never thought it could happen to me, I used to hate styling, mix and matching because I don't have a nice body figure, I am petite and  I don't know what clothes to wear because I don't know how it will look good on me so I just stayed with dress because basically, it's simple, pick and wear! no more choosing the top, the bottom, just the shoes. But thanks to this event, my mindset was changed. I was changed.

Thank you Ms. Tricia for bringing out the best in me, for boosting my confidence, for making me believe that I am so much more, for making me go out of my cocoon and let out the butterfly in me. *sobs Thank you. Thank you so much, winning this meant a lot to me, but meeting them, meeting Ms. Tricia changed me. Everything was more than the prizes, it was all about the experience and inspiration it brought me. I will never forget this, not ever. 

*some of the photos are not mine, and was taken by Ms. Tricia

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  1. ohmy! You're so friendly, Kim! I can't wait to hang out with you again soon! <3

  2. You're so cute hihihi! This post is so full of nice feels, glad you liked the makeover. The dress you liked looks good on you.