What's in store for college?- realizations by a crazy girl

4:17 AM

Craaaaaaazy week. Have you ever been in that week where all your thoughts seemed like a possessed roller coaster? with the heart-stopping twists and turns and that sudden 90 degree slide down ? Yeaaah that's me in the past week, I got super angry with some people , suicide-thoughts, weird food cravings and gluttony mode on then suddenly I won't eat , I'll for got to eat in a day... unrealistic hopes and dreams.

Last Monday, I decided to take Philosophy for College, excitedly told my parents about it and they seemed like not happy about my decision even though my dad is a Philo Major, so yeah obviously I got hopeless because I was turned down, then Tuesday I started thinking about Entrepreneurship and how I want to be so rich by having my own business but then I realized how much I hate numbers, how nauseating it is just to think of it, then on Wednesday I thought about why not just pursue my childhood dream? a Doctor? Because I love science just like that , that I planned , when I was in high school to take BS Biology in College but people advised me to just take Medical Technology and then poooooof I was so decided that Med Tech would be my Pre-Med.. it was all set then College came I don't know what happened but I wrote in my entrance application that I'd take Communication Arts, yeah from Med-Tech to Comm Arts, too far huh? what happened to me? So  I took it and  made myself believe that I love it but spending 2 years in that course -is just.. I don't know, Im not happy, Im not really interested in m major subjects, which is the most important subjects, I got so in love with Humanities and of course Philosophy and Biology because that was my first love, buuut the major subjects didn't work for me. I don't like talking..communicating, studying how there are many types of communication, media, although I love studying the theories of Communication although it almost made me give up a few times and how I scream every time I read the handouts, I love Gender and Communication, - how men and women differ and how it affects communication and eventually, themselves.. but you know, the "basics" of my course, I just hate it , I hate doing it.. I just love thinking about it , I hate it when we have group works and interview this people.. I don't like theater either.. I mean you know, WHY CANT WE JUST CHOOSE THE MAJOR SUBJECTS THAT INTERESTS US??? I don't want radio production, I don't want Adobe :( then I realized those subjects I don't like are much much needed in the said course, because if you don't know those thing how are you will be able to be called a Communications Major and be able to work in the future, because when you work, it is seldom that you'll be assigned IMMEDIATELY in the work you wanted, not all, but mostly, you have to learn the basic things, and you'll be even surprised that PEOPLE WOULD EXPECT FROM YOU too muuuuch they'll say "You're a Comm Arts graduate, how come you don't know that and this?" What I'm trying to say is, everything matters in College, the minor subjects. because you wouldn't know when you're going to do a First-aid,or when you'll need to identify a certain chemical just like what you learned in Physical Science or when you're going to asked how to appreciate a painting just like in your Humanities class..

Even PEOPLE matters a lot, awfully lot!

 I always like to be alone because I accomplish a lot when I'm alone and I love it, I don't want people on my way, but college made me realize how I NEED people and how I DONT NEED them either, it differs in the situation of course, you need people because questions needs to be answered, you don't need people because things need to be done. Basically, you have to be responsible because people aren't always there to support and help. When you have a project, of course it has to be finished because it is a requirement and you need grades, but what happens if people won't work in the group project? YOU STILL HAVE TO GET THINGS DONE! this isn't grade school where you can just ran up to your teacher and tell her that your group mates aren't working, because you're a grown up now, the professor will just tell you that "then fix it within yourselves." Yes, that's right, you're on your own now, and the professor won't care how and whats happening between the group because shit needs to be done! and you have to work your ass off, whether you'll push your group mates to work , or you have to do every-single-thing just to finish it.

You'll be amazed by how this works, it is may be really exciting to have new friends, eating lunch together, studying together..talking..cutting-classes.. But remember to ALWAYS prioritize the right thing. Do not ever do things that is against your will just because your newfound friend told you to do it, trust your gust, yourself, don't ever let yourself be lost.

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