Clothes Buffet Manila: I never thought shopping could be this stressful but FUN!

8:13 AM

Shopping can make a girl instantly happy, admit it!! So when Clothes Buffet Manila started spreading in the web, I got so excited I even planned everything, what I should get, how will I fold, where I should go first, I planned E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G!!!  tons of clothes,  branded clothes, for only 1,999 you get to get all you want if you’re able to fit it in the ziplock bag, that’s just every girls’ dream!  huhu shopping galore!

My wave was at 7pm Saturday, I was so eager to grab them all because throughout the day I’ve seen lots of good finds,  from dresses, crop tops, bustier tops, skirts,pants, shorts, blouses, everything is just there! And I've seen suuuuper happy girls exiting the buffet floor, I can see the overwhelming bliss shining shimmering in their eyes, some can't event contain their happiness that all they talk about is the experience.

so I can't wait for my turn haha.

(yay no people in the buffet floor haha, photo taken before wave/s started)

In my wave, we were just about more than 20 people (so yes, everyone was calm because we’re just few there’s no “ala hunger games” fight),  per wave,  there is supposed to be 60 people, but I guess it’s because it’s already night time that’s why we’re just 20, they’ve chosen the earlier waves thinking that CBM has better clothes in the morning and I guess they were right….?

I’m a petite girl but sort of fat. So basically my clothes size ranges from small to medium, at CBM I went through all the racks and I cant find a single long sleeves and dress for me they were all too big, size L, XL!  saw some nice pants, it fits my height but the waist doesn’t, saw some blouse that fits my body but doesn’t fit my height I don’t know what to do! Been looking for clothes that fits me, but it was hard, all that can fit me are the sleeveless, but I kept reminding myself not to buy a tank top cause I don’t need it, so by about 3 minutes left, I just rushed and grabbed the shirts that I think fits me.

(too many sleeveless shirts huhu)

( huuuu see these bustier tops are so cute! I took this photo on SUNDAY, the last wave, so yes that wave was jam-packed with people and a lot moooooore clothes.)

(again, this photo is not in my wave, I don't have a camera that time ok haha see how these girls just folded their clothes in the floor! *so stressful!)

 I was happy and sad at the same time, happy because yay new clothes and they’re all branded and they’re all nice I really like the designs, sooooo happy I got the few printed ones but sad at the same time because I only got 6 pieces because I cant find the right fitting clothes, and the bustier tops and skirts are gone in my wave.


clothes that I got: some H&M tube and leggings, Shana and Disney shirts and an unknown but cute dress hihi

Anyway, what really made me happy is the experience. Saw a lot of girls (apart from me) stressing how they will pick, fold and put their clothes in the ziplock bag, truly, what an adventure indeed!
Of course we always choose clothes intricately, we take about 3 hours or more! just to choose, and now we have 15 minutes now that’s a challenge, a really unique way to have fun and shop! I definitely recommend clothes buffet for girls who are adventure seekers! But don’t get the same mistake I did! I was not focused on the time, because in CBM, TIME IS IMPORTANT! when you know you like it just grab it! don't think! just get it! a little sewing if it doesn’t fit you wouldn’t hurt right? Don’t make the same mistake I did, 6pcs is really really sad! The ziplock bag could fit 19 clothes or more if you're skilled enough lol, and I only got 6 because I got too stressed and overwhelmed. I just realized that in CBM, the size comes second because you can still do something about that, but you cant turn back time and be in that moment again where you are picking clothes.

I will definitely go to CBM 2! cause' now I know what to do it was definitely a one of a kind experience, you just have to plan and CHILL cause when stress take over, you lose the game, so just relax and enjoy every moment!

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  1. A thing like this exists? That's so awesome! I'm sure you'll be able to fit more in the bag once you manage that shopper's stress.

  2. yes! and it was the first time here in the Philippines so you could just imagine the excitement and (stress) haha. I will soon! hopefully though! :) thanks for dropping by!