Kawaii Girl Look

11:38 PM

As you can see, I'm starting to like everything Kawaii now since my experience last Kawaii in Manila 2, read my experience HERE. Because who wouldn't love all things cute and happy right!? So I'm so glad that Kawaii PH hosted a CONTEST, a make-up contest, a kawaii make-up contest! Well, knowing me, I wouldn't miss a chance, so I did join!

Make-ups used:

FACE: Skinfood's Good Afternoon BB CREAM and 
ELF Full Coverage Concealer  (not in the photo)
BLUSH: Hard Candy's Fox in a Box
EYESHADOW: ELF's Little Black Book
EYELASHES: Pixy's Waterproof Mascara
EYEBROWS: ELF (not in the photo)
EYELINER: unknown? huhu it was just given to me and idk I guess the brand's erased.
LIPSTICK: Hard Candy in No Peeking shade and Nichido

FACE: with Skinfood's BB Cream and ELF's Full Coverage Concealer
seriously, this two is a good combination because it made my face even and (almost) flawless

Blush! Blush!

EYES: Eyeshadow using ELF's Little Black Book
I used the lightest pearly shade and the pink shade

EYELASHES: Thiiiiiiick lashes because of Pixy's Mascara!
it is very important to have vavavooom lashes in the Kawaii Look to have that 'doll-like' effect to the eyes.

Bows are really important because simply, it's so Kawaii!

LIPS: Hard Candy's No Peeking shade (pink)
and Nichido's (brownish orange-y shade)
I mixed them to achieve this kinda natural but alive color hihi

The aftermath!!

Of all things make-up, the Kawaii Look is my favorite, apart from it makes me (or anyone) look youthful, this particular make-up look is very flexible, you can wear it anytime and in any occasion and it can even be your everyday make-up because it looks so natural, but cute of course! - because of it's pink shades and the "doll-like" eyes and distinctive lashes. And don't forget! it is easy to apply, no more complicated make-up techniques, anyone can try it, you don't have to be a pro to have this look! *wink *wink

and this is what I submitted in Kawaii PH.

Here's to a more Kawaii life!!

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