The Best Thing Happened to me in 2014 - Sister Secrets shoot with Loisa and Maris

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It's 2015 and my blog needs overhauling because of lack of post and i guess half-hearted writing and to start off I'm gonna start with my "so far the best thing happened to me in 2014" just to revamp and to put life in my beloved blog..... and it's about a "career dream come true for me" so, i have been working/interning at Sister Secrets for quite a while now, I'm a writer, photographer, graphic artist and now a videographer haha so okay this is what happened: This December-January we have new cover girls! Loisa and Maris of PBB! so yeah I was asked to do the BTS of the shoot so I gladly said yes cause yay for opportunity! and a wise professor once told me: "Just say YES to everything." I am actually not good in videography but I know I can do it, and this is a big opportunity so why waste it right?

Taking videos is a breeze.. seriously. but editing it? it's crazy, I spent days for just a 22 and 44 second video. You know, choosing the right tools, effects, fonts, cutting,choosing songs, balancing everything, it is just crazy and after every hour your hands will just feel numb and shaky.

but at the end of the day, it will always be worth it.

the published teaser and BTS of the shoot:

it may not be the best but I'm really glad reading the countless positive thoughts about it. Really, you guys, twitter peeps, thanks a lot cause you made me believe in myself.

and do read the articles! :)

behind the scenes photos:

wardrobe set for the princesses

I am telling you, these two really has that "star" quality, every shot, every second captured by the camera, they always look perfect.

and yes even though I'm not a big fan, i still need to have a picture with Loisa and Maris cause' it was so fun working with them , they're nice, friendly, accommodating, easy to work with!  I was honestly shocked when they entered the  studio a little bit earlier than the call time, humbly walking , saying "hello po" to each and everyone of us, it's like they were not celebrities at all, they're just like us .. simple and humble, no intimidations, just a little pinch of awkwardness.

I can say that they have many miles to go through, and what I like about them is they are serious with their work even in such young age.

we even "beso" when we said our goodbyes! It was really nice meeting them.

so why is it the best thing happened to me in 2014? because all my life I've been dreaming to be part of the team, as in THE team, photographers, stylist, artists.. we've been doing shooting, movie making in school and THIS ONE is different because IT IS FINALLYYYYY THE REAL THING, my videos will be published, my photos, IM WITH REAL ACTRESSES (ohmygod) REAL PHOTOGRAPHER ( Sir Rap you're one of my idols noooooow!) REAL HAIR AND MAKE-UP ARTIST (it's so awesome how they can do magic in so little time!) the experience was surreal everything is real, happening it's there right before my eyes and I can't believe that I'm there now, I'm standing where I should be, this is it, the start of my dreams.

with the SS TEAM

year ended real great, thank you. so much.


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