Incubus Live in Manila 2015

6:10 AM

It's been a week since Incubus Live in Manila for the 4th time, I guess I now, have the guts to write about my experience.

I was in grade school when I first knew about them, not a big fan but I really like their upbeat, head banging' songs it's just now that I am older that I've gone mad with them, but I wasn't really excited about the concert i  know i just have to buy a ticket and go watch them, but it was a night I never expected it to be.

Lindsay Stirling opened the show, it was heart-racing  because I never thought it's possible to dance and play violin, just wow that's talent!

after her majestic performance, the crew started putting carpets and I was like,, okay this is new.. carpets.. in the stage... okay? lol

and then, the band we've been waiting for...

The concert started with Wish You We're Here and everyone of us started singing and screaming "I LOOOVEEEE YOUUUUUU! (well mostly you can hear guys screaming that) then one by one we we can't stop head banging when Anna Molly is being played. The Setlist was a mixture of their old and new songs and a lot of their hit songs.

Wish You Were Here
Anna Molly
Made for TV Movie
(Lionel Richie's "Hello" quick cover)
Absolution Calling
Trust Fall
In the Company of Wolves
A Kiss to Send Us Off
Nice to Know You
Sick Sad Little World
Pardon Me
The Warmth
I Miss You
A Crow Left of the Murder
(She's So Heavy)

Brandon Boyd never gets old

Everyone went crazy when after the 2nd song Brandon kept saying in his oh so adsffghjkl;l sexy voice "Manila... Manila" even the guys beside me is screaming. And WHO WOULD FORGET THAT "I LOVE YOU" that random I LOVE YOU while the lights are out and we are waiting for a song but instead we heard I LOVE YOU FROM BRANDON BOYD and up to now I can still hear it. And then he started stripping down to his muscle shirt.. then he tied his hair into a  glorious man bun  that we loved so dearly, then he actually went top less and again, THE GUYS BESIDE ME ARE SCREAMING "HUBAAAAD HUBAAAAD" LOL it was really a LOL moment because they are like oh so manly barkada and they can't get enough of him.

can you see the glorious man bun?

I had my own moshpit

I lost my voice during Megalomaniac it was the climax of the concert everyone is getting wild, screaming, shouting, jumping.. now this is INCUBUS. It's just sad that I am seated in Gen Ad wouldn't it be nice to be in the VIP moshing along... everyone in my place was kinda calm...

yep Im in Gen ad but in case you're wondering how I managed to get these photos, I have "magic lenses" LOL

A concert is not complete without "that mellow song"

Whenever I go to concerts, there's always that acoustic song, or that song that will make you bawl your eyes out even if it's a rock concert.

everyone went silent when the Intro of I Miss You started playing, i guess we weren't expecting it? then we all sang a long, but i couldn't help but cry.  "to see you when i wake up, is a gift.. i didn't think could be real..."  I finally understood why there are a lot of "Brandon Worshipper's" out there, because he has the manliest voice ever, I've been to a lot of concerts and seriously he has it. something that you'll want to hear every night before you sleep... and then everything will get better. And he sings like it's the last.. you can feel the passion in every note he sings.

Talking isn't needed to know that they're THERE.

Maybe it's just brandon that talked to us but hey, Incubus wouldn't be incubus without the rest of the guys, to hear, to feel the music is just priceless, you can feel how they enjoy playing music for us and I think that is heart warming.

Someone almost ruined the show

But apparently there's this two teens who can't get enough of each other who is seriously ruining the show by kissing and touching each other all through out the concert, I wish they just watched fifty shades of grey live than Incubus, i mean hello if you can't respect the other people beside you who just wants to see the band live, at very least respect the band! they are just here for a night and you are making a show yourself, UGH so much hate for this people! "Dig" was totally ruined by you two, I would ban you from every concert.

I hope no one would do that ever again. never again.

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