Not a fan of leather bags until I discovered The Tannery Manila!

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I don't really like leather because for some reasons like these,

1. It's darn EXPENSIVE why would I buy a sole leather bag if I could buy something more with that amount?!
2. How do you take care of it? Seriously though, I have had leather stuff and they all got broken, some got skinned, some got cuts because I am a very clumsy person.
3. My conscience can't take it if I put too many things on the leather bag (the bag is so kawawa naman.)
4. How and where do you wear leather bags?

but I never thought that my mindset would change just by attending a 2 hour event.  I went to Tannery Manila's Blogger's night because of my beloved Sister Secrets
( event assignment (read my article here, "5 Reasons Why We Love Tannery Manila's Leather Goods," )

So what happened in the blogger's night?

I learned how they make leather, and the process is called Tanning- the process of treating skins of animals to produce leather, which is more durable and less susceptible to decomposition.  For all I know, leather is just you kill the animal, then dry the skin then color it then viola  leather! LOL but no, there is actually a process for making leathers, and that amused me.

In addressing my concerns, in the blogger's night, all of my question were answered,
I learned that leathers are expensive mainly because of the quality, they can stand the quest of time as long as you know how to properly take care of them.

and what is amazing is Tannery Manila can personalize your bag for an affordable price! you can put your name in it or a design you'd want, or you can just send a design and have them made especially for you! you're gonna have the most unique bag! You can catwalk wherever you want without thinking "what If I bumped into someone having the same bag as mine." hihi

I love the fact that Tannery Manila is 100% Filipino made, which makes me proud of course! because finally, a homegrown product that can withstand the "fashion wars" in the country, because as we all know, our country is always up for fads (sunod sa uso) and Tannery Manila's quality and designs will surely capture the hearts of the young and young at hearts, the boys and the girls, and everyone else because of its affordable price for a leather.

Tannery Manila taught us to take care of those to-lust-for leather bags, and they actually have products to use for the bags and you can buy them at their store! and don't worry if you're clumsy just like me because they can repair it!
yes! less hassle indeed, everything you need in 1 store! they also have keychains, wallets,passport holders and belts!

Basically leather bags are classic so you can wear it anywhere and whatever you want them to, as long as it gives justice to the bag tho. for example: don't wear it while going to the wet market/your local palangke i mean hello kawawa naman your bag it will get all wet and smell malansa/fishy right? LOL

I have chosen my favorite bag in the store and it's this one, It's hella cute right? I am not a big fan of shoulder bags because I tend to bring a lot of stuff whenever I go and it's so hassle to bring a shoulder bag my shoulder dies everytime haha so I really like backpacks and slings, and wow this bag is even convertible!  I'd seriously do everything just to have this. ugh. or just anything in The Tannery Manila!  and oh! the color of this huhuuuuu it's so different from all the other bags in the store it has this "youthful" style that makes me want to go back to school and never leave again.

if you'd be so kind please like my photo on Facebook or better yet in Instagram
because they are hosting a giveaway and it is a "likes-based" huhu contestants can win keychains, wallet and BAGS huhu BAGS!!!!!
  thank you so much <3

we obviously had fun and learned a lot during the blogger's night last June 11, and the instagram stand is so cute I can bring it at home and take a lot of photos with it!

definetely the odd one out here haha
with our Sister Secrets President Karen Bordador and her bffs Myrtle Sarrosa and Marlann Flores

OH AND PLEASE DON'T FORGET! they have a pop-up sale on June 20-21 2015 Tiendesitas in Pasig City everything is on SALE!! yaaaaaas

I REPEAT! It's this coming weekend already June 20-21! Don't miss it!!!!
I swear you'd fall in love with leathers.

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