The Inside Look: Eyebrowdery Greenhills

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Have you seen that edited photo where celebrities got no brows? and if you haven't I'll show you just to creep you out LOL and of course, for you to realize how important brows are!

it's way too scary right?  brows are really important that's why we tend to make it perfect no matter what, we spend on make ups and waste time drawing that eyebrows, and   here's that eyebrow tattoo but turns blue or green through time, good thing Eyebrowdery is born! say hello to a totally safe eyebrow embroidery!

What is Eyebrowdery and What do they offer?

Eyebrow+ Embroidery = Eyebrowdery (what a witty name!)
They offer natural looking permananet makeups!
Eyebrowdery: Shading, 3D+Shading, 3D, Eyebro for men, Fine Tune
aside from perfecting eyebrows, they also do other permanent make up to suit your beauty needs!
Eyeliner Embroidery: Upper Peepers, Lower Peepers,Fine Tune
Make-out proof lip job /  Lipstick Embroidery:  Lipliner, Lipliner + Lipstick, Fine Tune
Other Services:
Eyebrow Tinting,
Lash Extension,
 Eyelash perming,
Threading, Shaving and Nails and Spa Services

Eyebrowdery recently was featured on a magazine!

Who is the Founder/Ceo?

Ms. Klarisse Tabao (right, because that’s me right there who is awkwardly posing because how do you even stand confidently beside a woman that looks like a beauty queen huhuhubellz)

Who does the procedure?

Klarrise studied and practiced abroad before successfully launching her business here in the country. You’re definitely in good hands here! And she does the procedure all by herself with the help of her well-trained staff that were oh-so-kind as well!

How is the procedure? What are the materials used?

Everything is clean! Guaranteed! I was really nervous to do it because of health hazards and the pain that may incur but upon inspecting the place, I’ve got nothing to say!

The tools are sterilized by a machine called UV sterilizer and don’t worry about the needles because they use the new ones all the time- which are perfectly sealed then thrown away after use!  And they of course use silicon gloves upon doing procedure.

With the lighting mood, the classic draped curtains, the bed that is unquestionably regal, Eyebrowdery basically looks like a hotel/spa and you’ll be treated like royalty!   

The over-all place is inviting and relaxing that you’ll forget how nervous you are because of the procedure, You’ll know that you’re in the right place.

Eyebrowdery Bloggers Day

The three of us underwent the procedure Sharmeyne did the Lip Embroidery, Tinsley  did the eyeliner embroidery, and then there’s me who got the eyebrowdery! 

Tinsley (eyeliner embroidery)

Sharmeyne ( Lip Embroidery)

Kim (Eyebrow Embroidery)

Does it hurt? No, not really but there's this stinging sensation and heavy feeling but nonetheless, it is tolerable. And yes I got scared too because there are needles involved but, there's nothing to worry!

Here’s the result! #nomakeup #nofilter #Iwokeuplikethis haha!
And you could be us too who wouldn't have to worry wearing no make up because there's Eyebrowdery who can provide your beauty needs!

Tinsley , me and Aniqa 
(thanks to Aniqa I have a documentation while I am having my eyebrowdery :) )

Eyebrow game strong!

 Watch out for my next post as I will be explaining the step-by-step procedure of eyebrow embroidery, the FAQs and it’s effects! I’ll put the link here once the post is up!

Contact: (02) 751 7236 / 09166317433
Visit them at: UNIT 201 Fox Square Building,53 Connecticut St., Greenhills

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