3 Things You Can Do at Cloud-9 Antipolo

9:59 PM

Cloud 9 is an event's place just along Sumulong Highway, around 10-15 minute drive from Antipolo City proper, and surprisingly in my 20 years of existence and living in Antipolo for more than 10 years I have never been there haha if it wasn't for my photography class I wouldn't set my foot here, everything was not planned and it was a rainy day but luckily the rain stopped! Hannah and I went there for some cityscape view and I was surprised that there are a lot of things you can enjoy up there!

1.  For the Thrill Seekers: 360 Hanging Bridge

For just 50 pesos or you'll get it free if you eat at their restaurant, you will have a 360 view of Antipolo and the cityscape of Manila!

But I kid you not, it was terrifying . I did not pursue going up the view deck via hanging bridge. It's literally moving and swaying. It's not for the faint-hearted like me. But Hannah said the view while going up is just plain priceless.

Hanging bridge at the view deck. See? I told you it was like a roller coaster ride... but for walking.

3. Take Photos! Lots of them!
It's not all the time that you'll feel you're on top of the world and watch the sunset. Step up that gram' game and take photos at this picturesque place.

2. Eat
Well.. we did not actually eat and just ordered coffee and smoothies (kuripot lol) Anyway, they are serving Filipino dishes and... they're not cheap haha..  but not THAT expensive as well, more of a "Sunday family lunch" price lol and not "napadaan lang ako let's eat" price. There is also 10% service fee.

and with the symmetry and madrama effect because it just rained.... we took this.. bongga lol

I heard there's also a pool and a zipline adventure in Cloud 9 and yes there's a hotel as well.

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