What to See and Explore: Paete, Laguna

6:59 PM

Just a 3-4 hour drive away from Antipolo City via Tanay or probably 4-6 hour drive from Manila via SLEX is Paete Laguna. A town so small that you can walk its entirety in less than an hour.. and situated in this town are carving business owners. An escape to the busy streets and exhausting traffic of Manila.

1. Woodcarvings

If you are looking for something to put in your altar.. or if you're a collector. Paete is the right place for you. They have a wide array of woodworks. And I think you can also request for your own designs.
There are woodcarving stores here and there! Price ranges from 100 to more than 20,000 pesos (based on what we asked, but I think it can get higher depends on the design and size)


You can also buy Christmas decors and house decors!

Oh man, just look at the intricate details, and that is not finished yet!

This Mama Mary was a giant! I think It's more than 10 feet high. 

2. Kape Kesada

There are no fastfood or malls around, you will truly feel that you're in a province. But don't worry because if you get hungry there's a 7-11 and some carinderia, but what caught our attention is Kape Kesada.. My dad said this cafe has been there for more than 20 years and he used to go there when he was still in college and it surprised us because it was newly renovated!

I love the ambience in this cafe! There are also some of artworks inside, something to see and appreciate when your food isn't ready yet :)

Lucky for us, when we went there, they were celebrating the town's fiesta.. so nice to walk around with all the banderitas hanging above! Really missing the early 2000's life!

3. Church
Before heading home, make sure you check out their Saint James the Apostle Church and stop and take a look around, the walls the ceiling.... breathe..pray and make a wish!  I really appreciate the works of art inside the Church, the stained glass windows, the preserved wood paintings in the walls... c'est magnifique!

So there you go, Laguna isn't just Enchanted Kingdom.. Pagsanjan falls and Mt. Makiling.. LOL 
By the way, we went there by car, and you can park in an open space in the streets like us

or better yet, leave your car in the parking of the church. You can waze it!

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