About me

Full name: Kim P. Nunez
( yes yes you read it right my name is just KIM okay I don't have a second name believe me)
Age: 20
Location: Antipolo City
email: kimpnunez@gmail.com

Why awkwardkim?

Because in everything that I do I really feel awkward, especially when I'm in front of the camera (like hello how do you even pose and I can't stop laughing about myself during photoshoots) 

Kim on her venture in blogging:

Blog was born last 2014, it started because I got awkward at an event... a bloggers event to be exact and the whole time I was screaming inside thinking of what should I do and why the hell I am there, so I did wrote what I had experienced and viola awkwardkim was born it is still awkward during events though.  I personally think that writing ,attending events and make-ups somehow heals me in the form of making me confident with myself, and that is a big help for a troubled girl like me.

Im new to blogging but so far I am so enjoying this. It is so fun to meet people and I realized that just now.

Kim on love for Photography:

A lover of art, music and photography. An artist by blood and a photographer by choice, a self taught photographer. I've been holding cameras and taking random photographs since I was kid,   A camera became a playmate and most of all, a friend. To me, A life now without a camera is not living at all, missing all the means of living, on how to live life. I dream one day to see the world and the world see me, - as an agent to embark change using my passion. With photography, I was given the chance to know myself better, to see things differently- and that I consider priceless knowledge.

Kim on battling Anxiety and Bipolar Disorder:

This blog, somehow shows my struggles and amusements in life even though I am currently battling with these.

I've been diagnosed with Anxiety Disorder and is currently taking medicines, and that explains my drastic mood changes. ( If you meet me or talk to me don't be shocked because I freak out all the time lol) A lot of you now may think that I am crazy or whatever. But here I am writing ,still alive and not ashamed with what I am, I won't allow it define me. Because I am MYSELF, I am a person , I am Kim. And I hope that we should be true to ourselves and do not ever be ashamed.